Hi, I need a 8,000$ loan…

Tom, we have great options is this for a personal or business loan ?

Personal to buy a nice đźš™

OK, let me check...

Great news Tom you can get an 8000$ loan at a 3.3% interest rate, do you want more details ?

Sound interesting give me more details

Interactbot’s platform bridges the gap between businesses and artificial intelligence.

Transform your business with better engagement,
improved conversion and increased revenue.
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Enterprise chatbots

Interactbot is is built for large enterprises and is able to integrate seamlessly with your current enterprise platform (such as SAP, Salesforce etc) implementing a rich natural language interface in order to deliver a superior customer user experience.

Using Interactbot serves as a solution where enterprises can benefit from an array of purposes, such as collection, maintaining and refining data from your clients directly to you, ensure proactive sales lead development and increase sales to new potential customers.
Our Chatbot Solution has been designed in order
to answer these issues by offering the following solutions
Bot builder
Powerful interface to create (and maintain) a Chatbot without any coding: Drag and drop interface.

Powerful AI and NLP engines (English/Hebrew/French).

Hybrid bot
Integrated live chat & ready to use integration connecting to the most popular messaging channels
Work everywere
Multi-Channel distribution: one time implementation for diverse platforms such as WEB, IOS,ANDROID, FB etc.
Enterprise ready security
BOT Analytics – full text analysis to improve understanding of your users.
Conversation Insight
Powerful interface to create (and maintain) a Chatbot without any coding: Drag and drop interface.
Powerfull plugins
Plug in to accelerate client implementation (SAP/ORACLE/SALESFORCE/OUTLOOK...)
Voice of the bot
voice recognition
Secure payments

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